Twitter Love Stories: Couples Who Met on Social Media Share Their Stories

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Last week, the Lagos State High Court convicted 2 suspects for the murder of Cynthia Osokogu who reportedly lured her to Lagos from her base in Nasarawa state through Facebook in 2012.

The deceased had interacted with one of the convicted murderers, Ezike, on Facebook for some months until he invited her for a business deal in July 2012. Sadly, Cynthia Osokogu was found dead at the Cosmilla Hotel in Lakeview Estate, Festac Town. She had been drugged, violated and strangled.

Osokogu’s death sparked outrage nationwide and started conversations on the dangers of social media.

However, there are also positive stories about social media users whose lives got changed after they dared to tweet at strangers, like Kathie and Michael, and others whose Twitter Love stories led them on to start a family together.

Read the Twitter Love stories below:

1. Kathie and Michael

Twitter Love stories

Yesterday, Twitter user @silkykathie shared the story of how she met her Nigerian husband, their journey together and welcoming their first child together.

It was Mother’s Day and Kathie felt it was important to share how she met her husband Ikiere Michael on Twitter in 2014.

It all started when Kathie tweeted that she wanted to hear love stories and Michael offered to tell her some through the dm. Kathie accepted, and just like that, their relationship started. They have been married for a year now.

Now I have a love story to tell. Look It’s a year already,” Kathie shared yesterday.

2. Ibe and Peace

Twitter Love stories

Seven months ago, Twitter user Ibe tweeted at Peace Charles, she responded and a relationship was born.

According to Naij, the couple went on first date, and many more afterwards. Shortly after, Ibe proposed marriage and the couple tied the knot. On their wedding day, Ibe took to his page to share their story, proving once more that good can be found on social media.

You’re beautiful both in and out. Never met someone with such a good heart. Heart of gold,” he said, and Peace replied his note with an equally moving note, promising to love him “forever and a day more.”

3. Raphel’s story

Twitter Love stories

In January, Twitter use Raphel Frank touched so many hearts when he took to the platform to reveal how he met his wife. They had just welcomed their first child, and the excited dad wanted the world to understand why he calls his wife his “MVP.”

Here’s what he shared on this thread:

“Your friends sometimes tell you how lucky you are babe You married such a nice man lol
But they dont knw. Dey dont know how you gave a chance to fuckboi who was squatting in Abijo.’2012.

Dey dont know dat on our second date you stopped me from overspending You said “Frank we cant afford this. Dey dont know dat on our first valentine, we had home dinner in my small apartment by the candle light (becus I cudnt afford a generator).

Dey dont know how much u encouraged me and had faith in my future my apartment was so small you cud cook and take a shiii at the same time. Dey dont knw how you proudly took selfies with me while trekking or on a keke… Dec 2012.

You helped me overcome my personal demons Taught me patience And held my hands even when i strayed. Everything i have become is becus of you…. Thank you for being you You are my MVP.”

4. Bri J’s story

Twitter Love stories

On Valentine’s Day, Twitter user Bri J joined the er trend to shared the story of how she boldly sent her partner a message on the platform. “I took a risk and slid in his dm’s,” she said in her story.

They started dating and soon afterwards, Bri got pregnant and welcomed their first son together. The story touched the hearts of many, especially because such stories always begin with the man making the move. As at press time, it had gotten over 139,000 favourites and over 39,000 retweets.

See her story:

See other non-Nigerians who met on same platform and are a couple today

5. Bran’s story

Twitter Love stories

Bran sent the random stranger a dm, and as it was in other cases, she replied and they eventually met. They have now been married for two years.

6. Sarah’s story

Twitter Love stories

Like Bri J, Saah slid in Hack’s dm and he responded. As at February when she shared her story, Sarah said they are now living together.

However, the couple are yet to take their relationship to the next step.

7. Alice’s story

Twitter Love stories

The young black tweeter shared how like other women, she sent a stranger a message. They went on a first date and shortly after, got engaged and tied the knot a month later.

Will this embolden you to slid into that person’s dm?

Tell us what you think!

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