‘I’m Not Broke!’ – Daddy Freeze Fires Back at Kiibati Bankole Over Unpaid Debt Drama

kiibati bankole daddy freeze

Daddy Freeze has finally clapped back at media personality Kiibati Bankole after she read him for filth on Instagram.

According to the CoolFM OAP, he is not broke as Ms Bankole claims, and only called her out because of her lack of professionalism in their dealings.

“We had a contractual agreement. I could be sued for not showing up, and you will be, for not paying me, as there is no history of you at anytime calling off our agreement, verbally or through phone calls, texts or emails.”

Recall that the drama started when Daddy Freeze accused the Merrybet Celebrity Fans Challenge producer of refusing to pay what she owed him, and she replied today alleging that she pulled him off the event and so owed him no dime.

In her long ‘love‘ letter to him, Kiibati Bankole alleged the OAP was suffering the effects of the current recession, and she challenged him to take the case to court rather than resort to cyber bullying.

“Please Sir, stop your cowardly attempts at cyber bullying me or harassing my clients Merrybet- the most reputable sports betting firm in Nigeria and address your alleged grievances via the appropriate legal channels,” she said in her note.

And Daddy Freeze has accepted the challenge, plus he took potshots at her, alleging that she was pulled off a particular sports show because of a ‘character’ flaw.

Kiibati Bankole is yet to reply his recent claims.

Read his full note:

@kiibati, – How come you were begging me to confirm that I would work with you and still begging me, less than two weeks to the event, to bear with you as you will pay N500k, which you never did, and you never called or texted me to cancel off my appearance? – You obviously have been doing this for a while so it's in your DNA, do you know how many people I have met randomly, who told me that this very typical of you? – The last time I did business with you, it took almost a year to get my complete payment. But like they say that one na story for the gods. – Obviously, you are not very versed when it comes to contracts, if perhaps you were, you won't make unintelligent statements like "the stage manager concluded by your harassment that you were just being a passionate football fan and eventually let you go on stage with the celebrity friend you brought to the event". – If the stage manager just put me on stage as you claim in your 'body of lies', how come there is an email from you, involving the other party and I, just before we went on stage, with the 'orijo' of the questions we would be asked? – We had a contractual agreement, I could be sued for not showing up, and you will be, for not paying me, as there is no history of you at anytime calling off our agreement, verbally or through phone calls, texts or emails. – This would serve as a deterrent not just to you, but all other OAPs and celebrities. If you choose for any reason, not to honour a contract, there are ways to go about it. You can't just decide not to show up, or not to pay for services, coming up with dodgy excuses and lies. – Kiibati, I'm not broke, this has nothing to do with money, it's the flaws in your character that I am bringing to light. ~FRZ. – Attached are copies of our correspondence, up until the day of the event, via email and text messages. Cc @merrybetsports. – P.S. Kiibati, I noticed at a point, that you were trying to wriggle your way into the coolwazobiainfo sports team, after a while you were told to stop coming, does this have anything to do with this your 'character'?

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We can’t wait for the court proceedings!


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