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Pastor Chris Oyakhlime Need Marriage Advise From Maheeda

Today, Maheeda announced her 13th wedding anniversary to her Dutch husband and that announcement has sparked a conversation on marriage and the importance of counselling.

Do people really need to be counselled or be taught how to make their choices before they delve into marriage?

The former singer had gained a notoriety for posing nude on social platform; she had branded herself the Goddess of X and once invited fans to book a private performance only that they have to pay for it. Often, she faces criticism as folks always call her out over her numerous explicit post, and they have had to question her competence as a mother to her teenage daughter, Divine.

Maheeda and her daughter, Divine. Credit: Maheeda/Instagram
Maheeda and her daughter, Divine. Credit: Maheeda/Instagram

Maheeda insisted that she does not blur the blur and let her online activities spill into her personal life.

And so today, when she announced her 13th wedding anniversary, this sparked major conversation on social media, the most prominent being from Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze.

The OAP posted a collage of photos including Charlie Boy and his wife, Maheeda and her husband, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his ex wife, and Pastor Chris Okotie and his ex wife.

“Since Maheeda and Charlie Boy succeeded at marriage while these pastors failed, is it better to get counselling from them than the pastors?” The OAP asked.

Adding, “Did the pastors not hear from God before they married their former spouses, or did they hear wrong? Is there something they know that the pastors don’t?”

The questions and deductions went on and on; Freeze wondered if sex had anything to do with it, or if we all have someone special made for us.

“Are you in the wrong relationship or marriage?” The OAP who himself is divorced added.

Fans have riddled his post with opinions, and here are some of the responses:

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