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Nigerian Professor who solved 156-year-old math problem speaks out: “The mathematics community is behind me.”

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Much aspersion has been cast on the character of the Nigerian professor, Enoch Opeyemi, who presented proof that he solved the 156-year-old Mathematics problem called the Riemann Hypothesis.

In their publication, claimed that Dr Enoch has been plagiarising academic papers that belonged to someone called Werner Raab, but admitted that Dr Enoch presented his solution to the Riemann Hypothesis at this legitimate conference.

In his chat with CNN, Enoch Opeyemi maintained that he has solved the hypothesis. “I have a proof and the mathematics community is behind me,” he said.


Opeyemi Enoch presenting his solution at the International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science 2015, Vienna.(CNN)

The mathematics lecturer at Federal University in Oye Ekiti told CNN that it had taken him seven years to solve the Riemann Hypothesis which he delivered on November 11 at the International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science in Vienna, in his presentation called “A Matrix That Generates the Point Spectral of the Riemann Zeta Function”, and so he will not be distracted by the smear campaign.

“People have the privilege and the right to say whatever they want to say,” the lecturer said. “I have not really been giving attention to some of the comments.” CNN also confirmed from the member of the Vienna conference committee Nina Ringo who said in a an email statement that, “I consider his results to be very important and confirm his discovery.”

This hypothesis is one of the seven Millennium Problems in Mathematics presented to the public by the Clay Mathematics Institute and provision of a solution comes with a $1million prize. Enoch said that his Vienna presentation will be published in a journal on December 1, and only after then would he submit the journal to the Clay Mathematics Institute.

However, CNN confirmed from Naomi Kraker of the Clay Mathematics Institute and she said that there are prerequisites which must be met before anyone can claim the prize, and one of them is that the solution must be published in a journal of ‘worldwide repute’, and ‘accepted for two years within the mathematics community before it would be considered.’

“To our mind, [the Riemann’s Hypothesis] remains unsolved,” Kramer added. This explains why the institute is yet to update their website to reflect that the Riemann Hypothesis has been solved, and Enoch Opeyemi is following the process required by the CMI.

Source: CNN

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