The New King of the Klan: Kylie Jenner snatches the crown from Kim Kardashian with her new app

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Two days ago, the Kardashian/Jenner sisters launched their websites and apps, which costs $2.99, and also had a Q&A session with their fans at the New York Fashion Week. Hours after the app launch, Kylie ruled at the Apple store, and today, TMZ has just reeled in the figures: Kylie Jenner is the new King of the Klan.


Image: TMZ

A total number of 891,340 people reportedly signed on the apps within 24 hours and here is the breakdown of individual performances:

74% –   Kylie

10.8% – Khloe

9%  –    Kim

5.6%   – Kendall

And this means that King Kylie, as her Instagram moniker goes, raked in over $1.9m, while Kim Kardashian made a little over $80k.


This is not good. This is not good. We can almost smell competition among the sisters and we won’t be surprised it they start pulling stunts just to lure more subscribers to their apps/sites.

Source: TMZ

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