EXPOSED: NFL’s Seyi Ajirotutu caught cheating on his wife as photos and texts with a woman emerge

Seyi Ajirotutu

Each day, we read stories of athletes who were caught cheating on their wives, and this time it is Seyi Ajirotutu, the American football player who is born to a Nigerian father. Seyi is married to Autumn Ajirotutu, the star of E! WAGS show, and Autumn is always known to brag about how she married the best and most faithful man in the world.

Today, a woman sent an email to popular blog Baller Alerts detailing how she met Seyi on Instagram, and her interest increased when she realised that Seyi is Autumn’s husband.

Autumn, Seyi and their daughters. Source: Instagram
Autumn, Seyi and their daughters. Source: Instagram

She wrote:

“And to make it even more interesting his wife is Autumn Ajirotutu who’s on the show “WAGS”, which is on the E! CHANNEL,” the woman wrote. “I began watching the show and recorded it to see his wife. She was SO vain and bragged on her husband. While I watched, I was thinking “Girl your man ain’t s***”. At this point me and Seyi was still going back and forth in the DM’s. I never let on that I new that his wife was on the show. However in the conversations on the DM, he did let me know he was married. So I finally gave him my number and we began texting. At the beginning I used to delete out texts but I stared to save them because he started to get shady and shadier.”

See their conversation:

Source: Baller Alerts
Source: Baller Alerts
Source: Baller Alerts
Source: Baller Alerts
Source: Baller Alerts

So there you have it people – she has successfully exposed him, and though she didn’t say why she is exposing him, it is clear she did this to shame his wife.

Seyi and Autumn have twin daughters.

Source: Baller Alerts


  1. This is not the first time he’s done this either. I met him out at a club once…and I didnt have the time to check Instagram to see if he was married. I found out later. I feel awful.

  2. I don’t condone cheating, but Autumn needs to worry about her house instead of being in other peoples business! She claims her and her man are best friends then she should e known what her best friend was up too.

    • Autumn is a bitch. I am a married black woman who strongly believes in my marriage but I am not nieve either, you got to love each other enough to get over mild stones. But Autumn is stupid n she acts hard but deep down knows she looks stupid.

  3. We also met at a club once and we just talked never mentioned his wife or kids we danced we drank and eventually one thing led to another….he didn’t want to use a condom but I told him he had to because I sleep with guys all the time and it’s been a while since I’ve been checked … He was good in bed one of the best days after we still spoke and I slept with him 3 times after but never saw him or heard of him again!

  4. itz serves Autumn rite she’s the fakest piece of shit I’ve ever seen, she thinks been married to a ball player is the best thing in life and that she is better then the other girls,,,, girlfriend u better check yo self.
    So quick to judge the other women’s relationships, but when hers is questioned, acts as if it’s so wrong to have it spoken about. Contradicts herself constantly !!!

    Anytime u wanna punch on autumn come to Aus and I’ll f$&k ur ass up

  5. Yes, Autumn is super annoying and just way too ghetto, but her dumb as friend has the nerve to say the other girls don’t know how to conduct themselves, however look on the middle! If I was Autumns husband I would cheat on her too, she may look like a lady, but doesn’t act like one! You mad because the proof is literally in black and white! Yo dude is a hoe!

  6. She is so getto is not even Funny she far away from a lady , she can have all the money on the world but she will never have class and she try to be like Natalie , she start change her looks and clothes try to look like her , she is just jealous

    • But she’s married with twins and a strong person for not bashing Natalie’s face in so shes pretty classy. And doesn’t mean the way she acts shes ghetto. And jealous of what shes a wife something that Natalie isn’t so watch the show you might learn something!

    • She is absolutely jealous , Natalie is stunning and she has big teeth and a long face like a horse ! Lol
      I’m glad I met her husband and had ” fun ” partying it up at the Hilton with friends 😉

  7. [email protected]


    Who are you calling ghetto? You 1st need to learn how to spell it! NOT getto!! Check yourself!!! If you are the Barbie that was Autumn friend! You are a MESSY TWO-FACED NEVER HER FRIEND B_T_H!! Just MESSY!! At the end of the day anybody MAN can CHEAT & not know it. Be careful FEMALES

    • I agree with you. Autumn ain’t dumb she knows what her husband’s doing. She’s smart enough to stay married and get her money. and if that was Barbie from the show you are the oldest of them all it looks like so you need to set an example

  8. omg does anyone say anything bout the girl clearly knew he was married I’m sorry not sorry but that’s messed up n womem should clearly have some morals….idc if u sleep with some everyday but if u clearly know they taken hell no that ain’t right if he’s a man n not happy leave n I’m sure for Autumn that’s clearly embarrassing n idc wat anyone say she is hot&has a banging body n on the show he seems to love everything that she got so I’m sure it’s embarrassing what would u do if u were n the public eye! I mean she shouldn’t be as judgy n get to know ppl but still no one should cheat n do all that but put urself in that position as a woman 🙂

  9. Autumn is the classless one – she should take a good long look in the militia. She runs her mouth and sounds so ghetto. She looks like a transvestite

  10. After watching last night’s episode of wags its quite apparent who is the woman with no class,autumn!natalie clearly was woman enough and mature enough to try and squash the harsh feelings between herself and autumn.However,it’s clear autumn was not even thinking of resolving their issues,rather she made it worst insulting natalie and acting like she is above her because she has a wedding band.she says she’s a Christian woman with morals but there is nothing about her behavior that says “christian”.I think she is highly insecure and deep down knows her man was creeping on instagram but is in denial!Obviously,he is not the faithful,wonderful man she claims he is,rather just a “cheater”and nothing to to brag about!Stay tuned because I’m sure we will see autumns husband creeping again!

  11. Haha im watching the latest WAGS right now and honestly, yes Autumn is a bitch and of course Seyi cheats ALL pro athletes do. Period. But, she is just an insecure little girl scared of losing everything.

  12. He doesn’t have an Instagram account, plus that girl was forcing herself on him he didn’t asked her to send pictures but she was sending.. I don’t care wat she was trying to prove but she shouldn’t mess with a .married man

  13. This bitch autumn is so annoying to watch on television. She swears her man is perfect and has the nerve to talk about Natalie. This bitch didn’t even address any of this. She tried to sweep it under the rug because she’s so worried about making it seem like her husband is perfect. She’s beyond annoying and I hope she gets the boot next season I seriously can’t watch her overly painted face anymore.

  14. People today are so ignorant. I don’t understand how people feel that they have the power that they can judge people like they are perfect and sit and glorify that a man is cheating on his wife supposedly. Then you all are supposedly committing adultery along with him. My point is this Karma is a bi#*h.Don’t something that you don’t want done to yourself.And that’s a family that you are trying to mess up.I don’t know what’s wrong with world today its so fu#* up.And nobody cares. And they wonder why all this shi# is going on that’s wrong cause y’all do it. If everyone treated people the way they wanted to be treated this world would be a better place to live in.

  15. I’ve been seeing sayi for almost 2 years. I didn’t know he was married at first. I live in the same city him and my brother went to same high school together. I was going through a divorce when we bumped into eachother and I dont feel bad cause all that bitch he’s married to cares about is his money and status. I have my own money and have nevered asked for anything. I’ve never seen this show. We’re happy with what we have and our situation together and that’s all that matters to me.

    • You are PATHETIC! He’s a married man. Women these days are so comfortable being the “side chick” it’s sad. Regardless of her flaws or whatever the fact that you EVENTUALLY found out he was married you should have cut ALL TIES! What a pathetic cunt worthy slut bag whore!

    • Wow, I hope you’re just a fake ass person making things up for attention. If you’re not- I feel sorry for you. To be that emotionally detached to be okay with ruining a family is purely sick. I’ve been that other woman before and it’s ugly and full of despair, I just can’t believe someone can be that other person when there is children involved! You seriously need to evolve as an individual to know what you’re doing is a crime- it’s WRONG! No matter what the other person’s character is like just have some damn empathy and understanding.

  16. Autumn has every right just like Natalie to voice her opinion and if Natalie has a problem and it’s obviously not gonna be solved she should leave it alone and move on like a adult person. But when you keep coming back trying to bash someone or trying to fix a problem that cant be fixed then of course your gonna have an reaction that Autumn gives out which is very accurate.

  17. If a group of girls go around stripping eachother getting drunk all the time, having fun etc are hanging around with pregnant women, wives and mothers there will obviously be a clash. It’s just two different generations of women. Autumn and Sasha have been there and done that and have now “matured” “gotten boring”. The show clearly put them together intentionally because they knew that would be great conflict for the show.

  18. All you women coming out with the “I date him we’re so great together I don’t care about his wife” please remember there is a special lane for you females. One where you are the secret, one where you’re always sharing because of your choices one where you’re breaking the heart of a wife everytime. Quit it with your anonymous bragging.

  19. I just season bombed last seasons Wags to catch up. Wow. I always think you should guard your words. Autumn was proud of what she thought was the truth, so she was bragging on her man because she believed in the strength of their marriage and relationship. I think it’s pretty obvious that many pro athletes do cheat– even though they may love their wives. Many men Can easily separate sex and love. I think they really believe infidelity is harmless because it’s “just sex” and therefore “doesn’t mean anything. ” Unfortunately it means a lot to the thirsty hos out there who want to be with a pro athlete in the hopes of hooking them and getting to live the baller lifestyle. They throw themselves at these men, and the men love it….especially when the girls are pretty with big boobs/ass or both. It obviously stokes their egos…. and let’s face it, men love sex and if they can get it with no strings attached and on the low, in their minds, why not? I think the wives should (and probably do) realize that the odds of their husbands/fiances/ bfs cheating is pretty high… No matter how much they love you. It’s part of the price you pay for getting to live the extravagant lifestyles that your pro hubbies can give you. Please note— I know it’s not EVERY pro husband. BUT, and forgive my language, but there’s too much pussy out there and men are weak, and have big egos that need constant stroking– not to mention the other part that likes stroking!!
    With that being said, I don’t know that I believe ALL the women who replied to this article about having been with Seyi. I mean, really…you can say anything and there’s no way to disprove it… Unless you have pix or texts to back it up.
    I feel sorry for Autumn, because she must be so humiliated— shame on her husband, but as I said – watch what you say, because it can come back and bite you in the ass. Also, maybe you shouldn’t act so superior, even though you may feel it. .
    Now…..on to the other wags! I love that the cousins are so close, and like to have fun, but you really should comport yourself a little better in public. It does reflect on your man and can affect his business affiliations. Pro sports are BIG business.
    Last thoughts: how sad was it that Olivia was so hard pressed to get a pro athlete boyfriend??!! Why not a regular guy with a good job? She’s very pretty ( although she needs to see a dermatologist.) and could pull any man…. But no, HAS to be a baller. What does that say about what she’s really about? Can you say gold digger???? She really is no better than the hos that throw it at the players. The only difference is is that her cousin opened the door so she had access, and so doesn’t have to stake out players at clubs and hotels.
    I think it’s also kind of sad that Nicole knows she has to toe the line so hard for Larry. She knows how easy it would be for him to find someone else and she is taking no chances!! These men have all the power!
    Speaking of men…good riddance to that Sean jerk. He truly thinks he is the man…but it was so obvious Natalie just wasn’t as into him as he was into her. Her mistake was thinking he would wait for her to put a ring on it!! She is pretty but, come on. You know the saying about other fish in the sea! Plus, she embarrassed him…and he moved on. She will too though…and you can best believe it will be with another pro athlete— maybe even one of Sean’s teammates!
    Ok, almost done– the fiancé whose man just moved to Redskins ( can’t remember her or his name.) Girl, please. After 11 years and a child, yes–you should be married. Read between the lines sweetie.

    Ok. Nuff said! Good luck WAGS!

  20. Those nasty whores who had anal bleaching on TV are sickening! Don’t have any pride left. Don’t they care what God thinks of them?

  21. He’s wife is annoying; may be on purpose for ratings. However, if you feel you have to put another woman down to make yourself better…you ain’t shit! Money or not…can’t buy class, humility, or respect.
    Nobody cares if he cheated why? It’s not you. You see, Olivia Munn, Giselle Bunchen, Hanna Davis, Vanessa Bryant, Lindsey Ward, Kristin Cavelieri acting like idiots and running off at the mouth …no! Take note!!!

  22. women should support each other. If someone has a good relationship stop going for what they have and support them
    Men are stupid and follow their smaller minded members regardless of what the other woman looks like, what she has or doesn’t have, they just don’t think. We women should make this easier for each other by shutting down these idiots. All these women are way gorgeous and if these men didn’t have $ they would look unattractive. They should be happy to have any woman at all. As soon as their $ is gone these beautiful women will see all the ish they did and leave for someone who values them.

  23. autumn simply supports her man and y’all make it seem like its a crime to be a supportive and optimistic wife and mother. i salute her for that because it aint easy. some people when they are told shitty stuff or comments they bail out like Natalie without fighting for love.

    olivia and her cousin are too ghetto, the other ladies barbie, shes fake one time she is all mature next second shes part of the wild drama, c’mon this aint a high school drama or silly immature show, maybe they should go to Jerry Springers show LOL

  24. I could address the women on here who have no shame and seem to think it’s okay to whore it up with married men, but I doubt anything I say would register. I will say that I see absolutely nothing wrong with the way Autumn defended herself against what’s-her-face, (I sincerely don’t remember her name, I’ve just started watching). I’ve watched Autumn keep her cool as almost every member of the show ganged up on her multiple times. It would’ve been well within the realm of ‘acceptable’ had she raised her voice a little more or gotten a bit more ‘ghetto’, because the one with the artificial hairline and the tag-along sister did not conduct themselves to be anywhere on the classy spectrum.

  25. All i know is that seyi is an amazing hot guy and loves Autumn and they are both in love plus their kids too….crazy ass bitch Olivia, Natalie, Sophia and now Barbie they are fucking cursed i hate them….Tia the new wag is amazing i like her come back and actually i pray that she gets Mercedes so that Olivia and Natalie can be kicked out of the show

  26. These sad side chics are an embarrassment! I’m just going to believe that half of these so called confessionals are made up!

  27. LOL its a shame that seyi the nigerian who’s supposed to be the principled, african grounded christian one is not only married to hood ratchet autumn, he’s also a sleaze bag.
    Autumn is so rude and annoying. No manners at all. She’s jealous of Nicole because Nicole is a class act and a beauty. Nicole and Olivia might be playful and act like bimbos. But for the fashionista and models that they are, they are doing just fine. They’re fun to be with and they deliver.

    Autumn is ugly, fake everything. She has a huge complex that is blatant to the max! Like 35 amplified ugliness inside and out
    She gives christian folkk a bad name with her dirty character

    So glad she wasn’t invited to barbie’s wedding.

    She’s a mess.

    Glad her man is cheating. He must be looking for something more feminine, real and well behaved. And a true christian woman.

    Nicole +Olivia, no worries I said it all for y’all. You no longer need to bother about shitstorm autumn. Just remain classy.

  28. I mean Natalie not Nicole. LOL its a shame that seyi the nigerian who’s supposed to be the principled, african grounded christian one is not only married to hood ratchet autumn, he’s also a sleaze bag.
    Autumn is so rude and annoying. No manners at all. She’s jealous of Nicole because Nicole is a class act and a beauty. Nicole and Olivia might be playful and act like bimbos. But for the fashionista and models that they are, they are doing just fine. They’re fun to be with and they deliver.

    Autumn is ugly, fake everything. She has a huge complex that is blatant to the max! Like 35 amplified ugliness inside and out
    She gives christian folkk a bad name with her dirty character

    So glad she wasn’t invited to barbie’s wedding.

    She’s a mess.

    Glad her man is cheating. He must be looking for something more feminine, real and well behaved. And a true christian woman.

    Nicole +Olivia, no worries I said it all for y’all. You no longer need to bother about shitstorm autumn. Just remain classy.

  29. I wonder why these ballers are so sure these side hoes they go after won’t expose them? it really worth the risk? ..I mean sending pics too?…smh ..I just don’t get it

  30. U all need to leave the situation alone u real ass haters. She is being herself and yes she got the man and the ring. U side bitches need to play ur’ll role. Doesn’t look like she’s getting any less of wat she use to get before. So get a life hates.

  31. There’s too many butt-hurt, ran-thru women posting about how they had Seyi too. Ok, but what does that make you all? And the fact that the young lady decided to still give out her number once she found out her was married shows just how many are willing to sleep with married people. It screams LOW self-esteem. I couldn’t care less about your opinions of Autumn’s looks or personality when you all need to work thru your own character flaws.

  32. You people should know that this is a dumb ass hoax all you women talking about you have met up with her husband it BS you people are nothing but loners looking for love anyone could easily fake that they are texting some famous star and make it look like they are cheating it’s called photoshop. Like some Football player would want to spend time with a nobody you people need to find yourself a man. Anyone could say that they met him and if you believe them you are a dumb ass bitch. Like get a mother fuckin life you lonely bitches. USE YOUR MOTHER FUCKING BRAIN!!!!!!!!! DUMB ASS BITCHES And just saying watch the fuckin show then you would know that Sophia made it up to start drama And she is MOTHER FUCKIN DUMB ASS BITCH!!!!!!

  33. Seyi be an example to your twins coz one day they will be like there mother do you want your children to be cheated on? No coz its hearts to see your children suffer so stop cheating on your wife bcoz she trust you very much and you look nice together


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