2 killed, 4 abducted by horse-riding Boko Haram members

Two men were killed on Friday at a village near Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, by horse-riding Boko Haram terrorists.

The jihadists were said to have attacked farmers in Alau village on Friday, seizing four farmers, hacking two to death and kidnapping the others after inflicting machete cuts on them.

“We recovered the bodies of the two slain farmers, bearing deep machete wounds to the head and torso,” militiaman Mohammed Bukar said.

“Farmers who escaped the assault said two others were injured and abducted by the attackers,” Bukar added.

The farmers were from a displaced camp on the outskirts of the city who grow crops in the village, said militia leader Babakura Kolo, confirming the death toll.

Many displaced victims of the insurgency have turned to felling trees from the surrounding bushland to sell as firewood to make money to buy extra provision while others engage in subsistence farming in nearby fields.

Boko Haram have so far killed over 30,000 people and displaced over 2 million in the northeast.


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