11 Family Members Found Hanging in Home

Police in India are investigating the mysterious deaths of 11 people after their bodies were found blindfolded and hanging in a house.

The victims were all from the same family who’d lived in the home where they were found in Burari village in the northern part of New Delhi, police officer Vineet Kumar told reporters.

Police, who said there was no sign of forced entry when they arrived at the scene Sunday, are investigating whether the victims – four men, three women and four girls – died by suicide or were killed, Kumar said. No suicide note was found, he said.

“We’re yet to reach any conclusion whatsoever,” said Kumar.

Police in India at the crime scene. Image: Metro

Ten bodies, blindfolded by cotton and pieces of cloth, were found hanging from an iron grill used as a ventilator in the home’s courtyard while the body of a 70-year-old woman was lying on the floor of the house, a police official said.

New Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who visited the scene, called the incident ‘tragic’, saying ‘police are investigating, let’s wait for their investigation to be over,’ he said.

A neighbour of the family said they spoke to one of the victims on Saturday night and found no sign of any stress.

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