Nze Sylva’s Corner: Of Desperate Youths and Criminal Traffickers

We have read of people who faked travel documents, of folks who braved life inside airtight containers sailing across the sea, of stowaways in the wheel compartment of international flights.

Nigeria’s ‘Hopeless’ Power Sector and Making Sense of Fashola’s Efforts

An overview of the challenges in Nigeria's power sector and the efforts of the power, works and housing minister, Babatunde Fashola to address them

The Law and You: Rape, Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Offences

Rape is the most serious kind of sexual offence and is punishable with imprisonment for life with or without whipping

Aisha’s Musings: A Single Lady’s Guide to Polyamory

It’s okay, everybody likes soup, but nobody likes to have one soup, repeatedly, forever, till death do them part.

The Law and You: Know Your Rights – The Dignified Office of the Nigerian Citizen

Nigerian citizens, who are plagued by the ineptitude of her leaders, have completely lost confidence in the law and are faced with the rigours of existence.

Aisha’s Musings: A Rape Can Only Ever Be a Rape

So when a woman who is “experienced” is raped, it isn’t as big a deal as when an inexperienced woman is raped. We need to stop the selective condemnation.

Nigeria’s National Assembly of Scandals and the Buffoonery Inherent

The senate has made buffoonery its preoccupation

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Attitudinal Change and Efforts to Improve the Business Environment

we can fix all the processes as much as we like, but if the human beings running it remain the same, we’ve just wasted everybody’s time.

Why Dr Allwell Died: Another Look at Mental Health, Suicide & Public Perception

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death globally. More than four-fifths of all suicides can be attributed to mental illness; depression having a large proportion of this staggering statistic.

The Law and You: Facts You Should Know About Writing a Will

Where a will is not proved, the presumption is that the deceased died intestate and all his properties would by operation of the native law and custom which is practiced in the area devolve on those entitled on his intestacy.

Ile-Ife Clash and the Afenifere Intervention: How Not to Make a Bad Situation Worse

The ongoing enlistment of lawyers by the Afenifere group to defend suspects arrested in the aftermath of the Ile-Ife clash and complaints about sectional arrests hint at the fact that we are far from addressing the issues as they should be tackled.

Aisha’s Musings: Dear Expert Women, Let Us Be Our Kind of Women

If you must teach us anything, teach us love, dignity, respect (for others and ourselves), teach us the value of self-improvement, the pursuit of happiness. Then give us room to become.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Nigerians Are No Longer Smiling

When we are pushed against the wall, we found a way of crawling into the cracks without breaking a bone. We were ready to bend backwards to accommodate the many failures of our government and even find excuses for them when they advance none for themselves.

The law & You: Why You Should Write Your Will

A will is a written statement that ensures that the property of a person is devolved on his heirs according to his express wishes and directives.

Of Pastures Not so Green: A Review of Julie Iromuanya’s Mr. and Mrs. Doctor

Iromuanya’s writing is not just words strewn together but the brush strokes of an artist bringing words to life, painting moving pictures with suspense, irony, satire and more

Wetin Local Government Dey Do Sef? Thinking a Way Forward

By law, the third tier of government is the local government and should ordinarily be closer to the people but often, its impact is the least felt. Why is this so, and how can it get better?

Aisha’s Musings: The Big Deal About a ‘Big Bulge’ (1)

If today you stand as a man with a smaller than average penis, and you feel insecure and are probably considering trying all those...

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Making the Most of Nigeria’s Infrastructure Potential

Nigeria’s infrastructure today lags well behind that of the rest of the developed world and while this presents a present challenge to living and doing business in the country.

When I say Trans Women Are Trans Women, It’s Not To Diminish Them – Chimamanda...

To acknowledge different experiences is to start to move towards more fluid – and therefore more honest and true to the real world – conceptions of gender.

See how Buhari’s ‘ijebu’ landed him in hospital – Toni Kan

Would Buhari still be Buhari if he allowed us stampede him into proving that he was indeed alive and well? I guess the answer is no.


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