OTV Cuisine: Stewed Fish

A tasty fried fish dish with spicy tomato stew, delicious for a quick weekday dinner or to share with friends and family.

OTV Cuisine: Ikokore (Mouthwatering Water Yam Pottage)

Ikokore is a sumptuous yam pottage delicacy mostly eaten by the Ijebu folk of Ogun State. It is made from water yam.

OTV Cuisine: Cola Chicken Wings

Easy to make, finger lickingly good bbq chicken wings flavoured with cola - great to share with friends or eat alone as a treat

OTV Cuisine: Crispy and Delicious Yam Toasties

The beauty about yam toasties are they can serve simultaneously as a snack and a proper meal.

OTV Cuisine: Easy-to-Make Easter Fruit Cake

A rich and tasty, yet easy to make fruit cake, perfect for celebrating Easter with family and friends

Olisa Adibua Goes on a Food Adventure as ‘Bukas & Joints’ Debuts on TV

Olisa Adibua goes on a food adventure across Lagos as Bukas & Joints debuts on TV

OTV Cuisine: Spotlight on the hot and Spicy Cameroon Pepper

Cameroon pepper has a unique flavour and aroma which makes it widely used in preparing meals.

OTV Cuisine: Spicy curried goat

A flavoursome goat dish with a hint of curry and spice - easy to make and delicious in taste, this dish is guaranteed to satisfy anyone who tries it

OTV Mother’s Day Cuisine: Manhattan Cheesecake

A rich and luxurious cheesecake which is simple and easy to make but tastes delicious - perfect to treat your mother or anyone else!

OTV Cuisine: Chicken Pasta Bake

A wonderfully delicious chicken and pasta dish that is easy to make and can be enjoyed my friends and family

Spotlight on Efinrin (sweet scented basil leaf)

Efinrin is a highly nutritional plant that is quite popular in Nigeria and known for its delightful aroma and sweet taste

OTV Native Cuisine: Agbalumo à la banane Smoothie

Agbalumo secretes a whitish latex/sap that gives it a bubble-gum like texture when chewed on continuously .

OTV Valentine Cuisine: Brighten up the day with Mango Cake

A fresh tasting mango cake, full of fruity goodness, delicious to share any time of the day

OTV Native Cuisine: Mouthwatering quick-fix Egusi Ijebu

Egusi Ijebu is slightly more fluid than other types of egusi prepared by other tribes and it requires a lot of water.

OTV Cuisine: Coconut Fish

A healthy and fresh fish dish made with coconut and tomato, easy to make and delicious

OTV Cuisine: Finger-licking Ewedu Soup

Ewedu, which is made from Jute leaves, is one of the simplest Nigerian soups to prepare and it is mostly popular among the Yorubas

OTV Cuisine: Spiced Peppers and Eggs

A simple and quick dish that you can easily make when you want something to make something healthy and delicious, made with sweet bell peppers, chilli and fresh eggs.

OTV Cuisine: Hot and Spicy Double Baked Chicken Wings

Finger licking chicken wings, a healthier version that are baked and not deep fried

Easy and Healthy Noodle Dish – Chicken Chow Mein

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Spotlight on Igba (Garden Egg): cooking variations, health benefits and more

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