Dalya Saeed, a woman who stabbed her ex-husband and removed part of his intestines in a maniacal post-coital rage has walked free from court.

According to 35-year-old Dalya Saeed, she had acted in self-defence during the gruesome incident involving her ex, 31-year-old Bilal Miah.

The ruling followed two-and-a-half hours of deliberation by a jury at court in Birmingham, UK, after which she was declared not guilty of attempted murder and wounding with intent.

Ms Saeed reportedly burst into tears and bowed her head when the jury announced its verdicts on Thursday, Mirror writes.

The former couple, who had a daughter together, split up in 2013 and the man, Bilal Miah had since remarried.

According to Mr Miah, a taxi driver, he got a call from his ex-wife on October 19, 2015, asking him to come over to her home to discuss their daughter.

He said they had consensual sex, then argued, and started to have sex again when she suddenly stabbed him twice in the stomach before taking hold of his intestines and pulling them, jurors were told.

He managed to get out of the flat but she continued the attack in the street, the court heard.Court Clears Woman Who Stabbed Ex-Husband and Pulled out His Intestines After Sex

Meanwhile, Ms Saeed maintained that she had acted in self-defence as she thought he was going to kill her.

“I fully believed it was going to be my final night,” she said. “I was just looking for something to cut. I stabbed him twice.”

“I put my hand up in order to stop him and touched his body,” she continued, adding that, “Then I saw a piece of intestine in my hand. I threw it on the floor and at that point I saw Bilal’s intestines fall out.”

Long shot, don’t you think?




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